FFP Spongebob Ripped Pants

Welcome to another episode of Force Fed Philosophies.  We have our part time co-host Ryan on for our new shows and is a fellow Spongebob lover and wanted to join us on this episode.


In this episode watch Spongebob Square pants, specifically the episode called “ripped pants”.  A short description of this episode goes as follows.  Spongebob and Sandy are at Goo Lagoon having fun joking around and making each other laugh.  Larry comes along and asks if Sandy wants to go lift weights.  This upsets Spongebob that Larry is interrupting his time with Sandy and he doesn’t lift weights.  When Spongebob tries to fit in by lifting a stick with two marshmallows on it he ends up ripping his pants.  He is embarrassed at first but then people tell him that he is hilarious.  This gives him the great idea that he can keep getting attention by continuing to rip his pants doing other activities.  He rips his pants while playing frisbee, playing volleyball, around people eating, and finally while surfing.  He takes it too far by pretending to drown and then saying he is fine except he ripped his pants.  He gets upset that nobody likes his joke of ripping his pants anymore and tries to come up with a new idea.  When he can’t think of anything he thinks he is the biggest loser on the beach.  Then other people that feel the same way join in and say the feel the same way.  They end up singing a song about being the losers and don’t fit in.  In the end everyone likes them because their song is good and talks about how he was a fool for ripping his pants and not being himself.


This episode was fairly explicit with the meaning behind the show.  It says it right in the end of the song “be yourself and you won’t end up like the fool who ripped his pants”.

A few of the other concepts we found in this episode are:

  • Just because you don’t fit in a particular group, doesn’t mean you don’t fit in at all
  • Don’t push yourself to the point of embarrassment, know your limitations
  • People will want to be around you and be your friend because who you are, not who you try to be
  • Don’t try to be funny, when you force a joke it won’t be as funny
  • You don’t have to be good at everything or be the best at everything


There are other points to be made and more details we cover in this episode as well as tall some jokes about the episode.  If you have suggestions on a new topic for a future episode please feel free to write us!

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