Canada or the USA!? Part 2

Season 4

Ep. 2 Canada or the USA!? Part 2


We start off with some highlights from part 1.  We introduced Steven’s brother Ryan and his girlfriend all the way from Canada Beth.  Then we go into different foods.  There are a few interesting differences between Canada and the USA when it comes to food.  They have a lot of different flavors of KitKats, unlike the United States.  The United States makes up for it with much larger portion sizes.  The large in Canada is the same as the medium in the United States.  They don’t have 10 piece nuggets at fast food restaurants, they only have 6 piece in Canada.  Then we stray off topic and begin talking about how the United States has an issue with obesity while Canada does not.


We then talk about 12 things that Canadians hate that Americans say.  There are some funny ones, but they don’t all really annoy Beth.  One thing that annoys Beth is when people say “Canadia”.  People make fun of Canada’s money by calling it monopoly money.  Canada apparently has recently changed to plastic currency that is colored differently for the different denominations.  We then briefly discuss the hot topic of health care and how health care works in Canada.


We also break open the American myth that Canadians are always nice.  Apparently this is fairly true!  Canadians tend to apologize a lot.  They are also more likely to strike up conversations with random people in public.  Now not all people in Canada are nice, but it does seem that there is a much larger percentage of nice people to mean, rude, or self-centered people.  They don’t have riots and massive protests like the United States seems to have once a week now days.


Another big topic related to Canadians being nice all the time is how differently shopping holidays work.  They have adopted “black Friday” as a shopping holiday.  However, they don’t have people getting trampled, injured, or even killed by crazy shoppers.  They have boxing day with is their biggest shopping holiday.  Even on boxing day Canadians don’t get crazy like we do here in the United States.


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