Canada or the USA!? Part 1

Season 4

Ep. 1 Canada or the USA Part 1


We start out the new season with two guests.  One is Steven’s brother Ryan and Ryan’s girlfriend Beth all the way from Canada.  While Beth in in town visiting Ryan we just had to make an episode where we discuss the differences between the USA and Canada.  Ryan went to visit Beth in Canada in late 2017 over the Thanksgiving holiday.  So we bring up some differences Ryan noticed while he was in Canada.


We talk about some misconceptions about Canadians.  It is in fact not cold all the time in all of Canada.  Not all Canadians have an accent.  However Canadians are in fact mostly nice and apologize for nearly everything as a courtesy to one another.  There are quite a few interesting differences discussed in this episode but there are even more coming in part 2 of Canada or the USA in next weeks episode.


We then talk about a few terms that Canadians use that Americans don’t.  Some of these are pretty interesting and some Beth didn’t even know, which begs the question where if anywhere are these terms actually used.


Overall we greatly appreciate Beth agreeing to be a guest on our show with Ryan while she is here in town visiting.  We gave her a free shirt to show our appreciation.


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