15 minutes of fame

Season 3

Ep. 9: 15 minutes of fame Season Finale


We start off the podcast with the final round of “The Game of Foley”.  Up to this point Josiah has no chance of catching up to Steven so they decide to make it winner take all.  Who ever can use the lease amount of hints wins.  If the same amount of hints are needed for each then we go to who has the least amount of guesses overall.  We said during the episode that Steven won the overall game, however upon further review Josiah actually had fewer official guesses than Steven did.  Therefore Josiah is actually our Game of Foley WINNER!


After that Josiah shares with us a list of famous actors and actresses that are considered one hit wonders.  Actors that had one great movie that made their career and made them famous then they haven’t done something of that caliber since.  Some aren’t just “one” hit wonders, but rather people who haven’t been in the media or played in major roles in recent years.  Example of these include Adam Sandler and Eddie Murphy, who have both been in several very successful movies and held major roles in the past.  Others include people who have really only been know for one part or movie, such as Keanu Reeves, Mark Hamill, and even William Shatner to name a couple.  These are actors that have still been very successful, but are only really known for one particular movie or series that made them famous.


Steven then shares a Rolling Stones list of the top ten greatest one hit wonder songs of all time.  He plays short bits and pieces of the songs so you can feel the nostalgia run over you when you hear these great blasts from the past.  Some people may not know the songs by name either, so short bits help you fine people really remember the great one hit wonders.


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