Weird “sound booth” upgrade

If you have read the first post in Eye Candy you will see how we came up with the idea to start a podcast as well as how we had our equipment setup.  After a few episodes of using the blanket and laundry basket setup we decided to try to make something a little bit better for the time being until we could invest in better recording equipment.  Equipment that would enable us to each have a microphone to greatly improve the quality of our content.  Until this could happen we decided to spend a few dollars on scrap wood and cotton sheets.  We then made a small “sound booth” for us to use to try to better silence the background of the room.  This worked pretty well but the wood would resonate with the tones of our voices.  This meant we needed to deaden the resonating effects of the wood.  We again used an old blanket and a few pillows to help deaden some of the resonance and reverb.  We used this for another few episodes until the 4th episode of season 2.  If you follow us closely or go back and look, you can see a several month break for uploads and new content.  This was partially due to us upgrading our equipment, but also due to business administration work.  We took that time to file our LLC as well as get our build our website and social media.  It took a lot of time, but it paid off.  Our content has continued to get better each episode we upload and we are constantly striving to provide the best content we can.


Without further delay, check out our work of art.  Here is our 2nd “sound booth” we used to supposedly get a better sound.  That has since been disassembled for parts and is now added to the archives of 2 Doods Podcast history.