The Holiday Special

Season 3

Ep. 7: The Holiday Special


We start right off with our usual “Game of Foley”.  Steven starts the game by guessing some sounds Josiah brought with him.  Steven gets some pretty good guesses and only adds one point to his previous score ending this episode with 10 points total.  Josiah only needed one hint as well, adding only one point to his total score as well.  Josiah ends this episode with 15 points total.


Then we begin by giving an intro into our topic of the holiday season.


Josiah starts us off by sharing a story from around Thanksgiving, which is also his anniversary and when his daughter was born.  He had thanksgiving in a hospital cafeteria that year.  Josiah shares his next story about a Christmas memory.  In his house growing up, when he was running around he decided to stick is head through the wooden railing of the stairs.  As you can guess his head then got stuck.  His Dad actually had to cut the wood to get his head out and to this day you can still see where the wood has been cut.  Steven then shares a memory of his family always going to Indianapolis for his Mom’s family Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Steven shares a fond memory of going to his Grandfather’s house for Christmas and playing in his art studio with his model trains.  Steven then shares a memory about when both sides of his family always play cards or other games around the holidays as a family.


Josiah then shares a story of something his family calls the bologna banquet.  It all started back when his Dad’s side of the family got together for Thanksgiving.  The reason it was called the bologna banquet is because his Grandfather loved pickled bologna.  They had all kinds of snacks like crackers and cheese balls and then pickled bologna.


Steven then shares a fun game he and his younger brother had as kids.  They had Christmas lights around their windows in their old house.  They put blinker bulbs into the light strands so they would flash at random times.  The game they made up was to run down the hallway and try to get to the “base” on Steven’s bed since it was the furthest bedroom.  You couldn’t move when the lights were on.  It was a game very similar to “redlight, greenlight”.  Steven and his brother would play this game for hours on end when they were younger around the holidays when they had the lights up.


We want to wrap up this episode by say Happy Holidays.  We hope you have a great time with family and friends.  We hope everyone is safe and enjoys the company of others around them during this time of year.


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Thanks for listening and we want to wish everyone a happy holiday!