Throw back to our hilarious and weird beginning!

Eye Candy is our new addition to the website where we share some behind the scenes pictures and videos.  Some of the fun and interesting things that have happened and will be happening will be shared in this new section of our website!


Here is a throw back to where it all started!  This is perhaps the weirdest and most messed up setup you may see, but hey, we made it work in order to get the ball rolling.


Let’s start with how we decided to start a podcast.  Josiah and Steven went to high school and have been friends for many years.  We hadn’t talked for probably close to a year after we worked at a warehouse together.  Then one day we decided to make plans to catch up over lunch.  Josiah had plans and ideas for a venture he wanted to run by Steven.  Since he is a postal worker and has a lot of time while delivering he got tired of listening to music and began to listen to podcasts.  Steven had a small YouTube channel and some business knowledge and we wanted to see if the two of us, with Josiah’s insight to podcasts and Steven’s business classes, could create our very own podcast.  We shared a few ideas and in the end we came up with a simple game plan, an idea, a schedule to get started, and a little wishful thinking and hope.  Steven already had a single microphone recording setup for his small YouTube channel.  With that, we set out to begin our adventure and tentatively named our first season just how we felt about the experience, or should we say, experiment.  Season 1: Testing the water, welcome to who we are, was just that, testing the water to see if we could even do it.  But, here we are with an actual audience, fans, a website, and on several listening platforms.  Best of all we are learning, making better and better quality content, and growing as a podcast!


If you have listened to our early episodes from season 1 and our new episodes you may hear some very distinct differences in the quality of our sound.  This was because we were using a single microphone setup a couple feet away from us in an open room.  To combat the reverb in the open room we found the best thing we could to dampen the sound.  That ended up being a couple blankets, several pillows, and two laundry baskets all put together to make a small little booth we put the microphone in to mute the reverb in the room.  It wasn’t great but it worked out for our first few recording attempts.  There was still some weird reverb at times and there was a lot of static.  It did however create a much better sound than the microphone being a couple feet away in a large open room.  We used this method for a few episodes in the first season before creating something different that didn’t use blankets and laundry baskets.


Feast your eyes on the hilarious and very odd humble beginnings of 2 Doods Podcast!