Where have we traveled?

Season 3

Ep. 6: Where have we traveled?


We begin as always with “The Game of Foley”.  Josiah left off with 10 points and Steven left off with 7 points after last episode.  This episode there are a couple really good sounds that bring up the point totals.  Josiah ends this episode with 14 total points.  Steven ends the game with 9 points this episode.


Josiah then starts off some stories about some of our travels and vacations.  Some things we liked and some things we didn’t, and even some tips or suggestions for some new travel plans for someone who hasn’t been where our stories take place.  Josiah shares a story of when he took a family vacation to Branson Missouri.  His brother was allowed to drive a pontoon boat on a lake.  He was driving the boat through some waves and ended up burying the whole front of the boat in the water coming down from a wave.  His brother was almost wiped off the boat!  Later the same trip Josiah caught a small fish with his bare hands.  Josiah being young didn’t know not to hold a fish out of water for too long or it will die.  The fish stopped moving and appeared to be dead.  His brother put the fish back in the water and got water back into it’s gills and it came back to life and swam away.  Then they decided to prank their mother with a pretty harsh prank.  His brother swam out a ways off the shore and held his breath face down in the water and floated his way back ashore.  His mother as well as a few other people on the shore were startled and the prank was a success at the expense of others.


Steven shares a story of the time when he was maybe around 8 years old.  They traveled out to Pennsylvania where his uncle lived.  They went to Wildwood New Jersey.  It was a pretty neat place with a boardwalk filled with shops and attractions.  They went and played on the beach and ran in the ocean.  That’s where Steven ended up getting pulled a little too far out into the water.  He fought through several waves crashing over him and eventually managed to find his way back to shore like a beached whale.  They also went to Washington D.C. on this trip.  Steven was too young and didn’t care about the museums and monuments that they went to visit.  Now that he is older he wants to go back and actually learn and enjoy what history is kept in those museums.


Steven also shares a short story of his 8th grade band trip to Gatlinburg Tennessee.  His room chaperon left every night for most of the night with one main rule.  “Don’t burn the place down”. It was a fun trip but they could only do what was approved by the school.  There are tons of things to do and see in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge that they didn’t get to experience.  So through a lot of begging Steven and his family started to vacation there every year for the past 7 or so years.  The mountains are beautiful and there is a seemingly never ending supply of things to do and see in that area.  One of the coolest things they got to do was go zip-lining at a place called Wears Valley Zip-lines.  They go from peak to peak and several hundred feet in the air with stunning views!  There will be videos and pictures of some of the trips Steven has had in Gatlinburg in the “eye candy” section of the website to follow this episode.


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