The Under Ground Tunnel Fiasco

Season 3

Ep. 5: The Under Ground Tunnel Fiasco


We start off this episode like always with a quick round of the “Game of Foley”. Josiah ends up with 10 points overall and Steven ends the game with 7 points overall, so far this season.  Steven and Josiah both had a few very challenging sounds to try to guess this episode.


Josiah then shares a story that we received that goes along with our season one episode “Stupid Injuries”.  They were riding their bike with one of their friends, when they decided to ride down a long steep hill.  His friend made it down the hill just fine so he thought he would try to go a little faster down the hill.  He quickly found out he had made a bad decision when he began going too fast and landed himself a very intimate and painful meeting with a tree.


Steven shares a story that was sent in about two friends that tried to tunnel from one of their houses to the other.  One friend had a huge sandbox built in their backyard.  Some of the dirt was placed in the far corner of the yard near where they had a fort built.  They decided that they would take some of the extra dirt that was already on the ground and try to dig a tunnel all the way to the other friends house.  They begin to dig their tunnel and get about 8 feet deep and 4 feet wide before the fiasco.  Right next to their hole was an electric fence to hold in bulls in the field behind the house.  Usually they would use the handle of their shovels to test the wire to see if it was on that day.  Some days it was and there were some days that it wasn’t on.  This particular day He decided to grab the wire with his hand when he didn’t have his shovel with him.  Obviously this didn’t go well.  He ended up tensing up and by the time he let go he fell backwards into the hole.  He had to have his friend grab his feel and try to pull him out while he pushed from the bottom of the hole with his hands.  The rest of the story is history as they never made it much farther in their grand plans to tunnel from one of their houses to the other down the street.


Later Steven and Josiah wrap up the episode and go on to share some just a few of their funniest and worst stories from sports.  Josiah shares one time he got baseball thrown straight into his jaw while leading off a base.  Steven shares a story about when he used to play soccer one season when he was much younger.  He hated playing soccer and didn’t do well in the drills.  But worst of all, during games he just chased everyone else around the field in the back and never touched the ball.  Steven also shares a story of when he tried out to be on the high school basketball team.  He was a good shooter and did shooting drills well, but lacked the fundamentals of the game.  The assistant coach refused to let him play during practice or do anything other than shooting drills simply because he didn’t understand the fundamentals of the game.  Steven was willing to work hard and learn the game, but ended up quitting only a few days after starting because he was left out during the majority of practices and was never given the chance to even learn the sport.


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