When I got urinated on

Season 3

Ep. 3: When I got urinated on


Have you been fired from a job? Have you ever been peed on? Have you ever seen balloons inside of other balloons? Prepare your ears for these crazy stories!

We begin the episode with the game of foley.  We each ended with a score of 5 and the object is to have the lowest score possible.  Next week may be the week where a leader emerges.


Next Steven shares that he lost his job and is unemployed.  He is making the best of a bad situation.  He has always wanted to pursue other career options and now he doesn’t have an excuse not to to try to pursue those goals.


Josiah then reminds us of the old saying “think twice before speaking once”.  This story is about none other than Starbucks.  He had an issue with an order that turned out to be nothing, but he thought twice before making a fool of himself.


Then we bring on our first guest to share one heck of a crazy story! None other than Steven’s girlfriend, comes on to share a brief introduction of herself before talking about the time she was attacked and ended up getting peed on!  This is one story you can’t miss!


Lastly we wrap up the podcast by sharing a skill Steven’s brother has learned.  He works at a party store and has learned how to inflate balloons inside of other balloons. Check out the pictures of these crazy creations below! To see videos of these head over to our Facebook page or check out our eye candy section of the website.

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