The Nightmare in the Woods

Season 3

Ep. 2 : The Nightmare in the Woods


We start off the podcast by sharing a great e-mail we received recently.  The e-mail was to critique us and give us advice for some things we may want to think of changing.  We respond to the e-mail in great fashion with a hilarious response you can’t miss hearing! (or seeing on our Facebook page)

Next we play a new game we are introducing to the podcast, “Tom Folery, The Game of Foley”.  If you don’t know what foley is, it is the art of sound effects in Hollywood.  Sounds are created for movies using weird and different objects you never would have thought of.  We set out to stump each other by trying to guess the sound of the other person’s object.  We each get 3 objects and 3 hints.  If you can guess without any hints no points are given.  If you need one hint, you get one, point, two hints you get two points and if you can’t guess after three hints you get a penalty point and earn five points.  The object is to have the lowest score like golf.  You can play along and try to guess what weird sounds we play through the mics!


Next Steven shares a crazy Stephen King type nightmare he had a while back.  It starts out by playing paintball, but then turns into being attacked by wolf-like creatures.  The paintball guns can kill the wolves but there are just too many.   He finds a semi in the middle of the woods that he uses to escape, but as he drives away with his friend the trees start to cave in on the road.  The trees create a tunnel that traps them and then there is no light at the end of the tunnel and the trees over take the semi.  There is no way out other than to kill each other.  What does that tell you about Steven by this crazy dream?


Next Steven shares a story of a time he went to the racetrack with a friend to ride along in his race car.  While at the racetrack he gets introduced to someone who owns a Ferrari California.  Steven gets to ride around the racetrack in the Ferrari, but that’s not the best part.  The best part is after the group is done he gets to drive the Ferrari himself!


To tie up the podcast we shamelessly talk about where you find us.  We want to hear more from our listeners.  You can find us on any of our listening platforms or social media accounts found below, or you can write us at our new P.O. Box! We want to share your stories as well as ours on our new episodes so if you want to be apart of the show, just write us!

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