Starting Over

Season 3

Ep. 1: Starting Over

We start off this new season talking about changes to the podcast from season 3 forward.  We have changed the format of our podcasting episodes as well as changed and greatly improved our website.

Steven then shares a very interesting story of a co-worker that creates quite the scene at work.  The co-worker has a mental illness episode, seeing people and hearing things.  He gets walked out by the managers and proceeds to yell things that don’t make sense back at the managers.  He drives away, but 30 seconds later drives back in the parking lot.  He continues to yell at managers and employees at which point people are becoming concerned.  No one knew if this co-worker was dangerous or what the situation was really going to turn in to.

After wrapping up the story of the co-worker incidence we play a few rounds of “would you rather?”

Would you rather eat poop that tasted like chocolate or eat chocolate that tasted like poop?

Would you rather be the funniest person in the room or the most intelligent person in the room?

Would you rather be able to reverse one decision you make every day or stop time for 10 seconds every day?

Would you rather run at 100 mph or fly at 10 mph?

After playing “would you rather” Steven shares another story from his new job at the car dealership.  He talks about a guy he met that was very rough looking but was one of the nicest guys he has met.  He starts talking about his past and how he was in a bad place hanging around the wrong people.  He talks about being young and addicted to drugs and why his life changed and why he can’t afford to buy a car on his own since he lost over half of his life.  He then opens up and shares that a drug deal gone bad had caused him to kill a guy.  He immediately put the gun on the ground and called the police and surrendered himself to police to face his actions.  He immediately regretted what he had done and wanted to change and accept the consequences of his life and actions.  After serving his full sentence and was released from prison he became a man of faith and attends church a couple times a week and has completely turned his life around.  He was so genuine and sincere, and was truly a caring and nice gentleman.  Proving the point to knot always judge someone by a first impression or a book by its cover.  Don’t jump to conclusions without knowing someone or understanding their past.  As the phrase goes walk a mile in their shoes to fully understand what someone else has gone through in their life.

We wrap up this episode by talking about the POBOX (P.O. Box).  We always encourage listener and fan engagement.  We want to hear from those who listen and support us! We also want new stories from our listeners and fans for season 3.  You can write us or send us mail at 2 Doods Podcast P.O. Box 6001 Bloomington Indiana, 47407.  You can also write us on Facebook or through our contact page on our website.

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