Dress For What You Desire


Season 2: The Greener Grass: Where you want to be

Ep. 11: Dress for What You Desire

In this episode we talk about surround yourself with people you aspire to be and dressing for success.  Steven shares his insight into getting to know a lot of local business owners through networking while he was in school for entrepreneurship.  He has always wanted to own and run his own business so he has tried to surround himself with other people that own businesses to gain insight, knowledge, and experience into the business world.

Follow your role model and learn from them to achieve your dreams.  How can you leverage what you learn from your role model?

Steven and Josiah agree that they both prefer to dress up.  It makes them feel more professional and gives them more of a drive when they are dressed up.  If you want to be successful it all comes down to your attitude and how you handle your goals.

The last part of this episode is an update on what we are doing with our production and what we have planned for the future of the podcast.  We have a lot of great things coming and great new plans.  Starting with season 3 there will be some great changes that will greatly improve the quality and content of our podcast.

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  1. I really like what you guys are doing here. This is exactly why I’ve started wearing size small, so I can lose weight. Thanks again for the quality content.
    – Love Aaron

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