Grow Up, Don’t Grow Old


Season 2: The Greener Grass, Where You Want to be

Ep. 10: Grow Up but Don’t Grow Old

In this helium filled episode we explain why you are never too old to have fun!

Steven talks about how he will grow old physically, but never wants to grow up mentally.  He wants’ to always have fun and be a crazy old man that will go go-karting with his grandkids.  Josiah says with all the things going on today you need to just have fun.  Go put whoopy cushions under seats, saran wrap toilets or whatever other pranks you can think of.

Steven then goes off topic sharing stories of a few good pranks he’s done in the past.  Steven was living with a friend for a while and decided to start a prank war by turning everything in his house backwards.  He turned all the couches, chairs, and the TV. Steven even pulled out and turned around the dishwasher! When Steven came home from work he found only a few things turned back around that they wanted to use.  But when he walked into his room he found a giant white water raft laying across his bed.  Steven decides to fight back with another prank by moving all the furniture to block a path from his roommate’s room all the way to the door outside.

Steven then shares a story of one of the craziest pranks he has ever pulled off.  Steven managed to pull a complete stop sign out of the ground and carry it with the concrete base and put it in one of his friend’s cars! A feat to this day none of his other friends know how he did it!

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