Don’t Take Things for Granted


Season 2: The Greener Grass, Where You Want to be

Ep. 7: Don’t take things for granted

There are a lot of things we take for granted without even realizing it.  The biggest thing we can take for granted is time.  If you sleep 8 hours and work 8 hours a day you lose 16 hours of your 24 instantly.  If you have to get ready and commute to work you lose even more of the remaining 8 hours of your day.  Don’t forget to factor in meals or anything else we need to do during the day.  What do you do with the remaining few hours of the day? Do you take that time for granted?

We share several stories of things we have taken for granted and something that we don’t take for granted.  Remember the small things and enjoy the finer things in life.  Don’t take anything for granted, take care of yourself, all your possessions, and all the people around you.

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