This is Random


Season 2: The Greener Grass, Where You Want to be

Ep. 1 This is Random

The first episode in season 2 is a little random.  We don’t have a topic for this podcast necessarily, but rather a few funny things and an update.  First, we talk about the technical side of podcasting.  We also talk about getting our website and social media started, which has caused delays getting season 2 published.

We started recording season 2 and with this episode all the way back in December, but are just now publishing it.  Right now as you listen to this we have already finished recording season 2.  The reason being we have been taking our time getting our website and social media going making sure it is easily accessible as well as striving for the best possible audio quality with new studio upgrades.  So, when you hear us talk about not being on Itunes and only having 7 episodes on SoundCloud that was at the time of recording in December.  We currently are on Itunes, SoundCloud, and Sticher for your listening pleasure.

Since this is our 11th episode we continue the idea from episode 10 with crazy facts about the number 11.  We share our new logo and season 2 sponsor Braunlin Creative Arts for creating the logo for us. You can find their work at or on facebook at Braunlin Creative Arts.

We also share plans for a new podcast and webshow that will be coming out in the near future.

Steven makes up a hilarious improv story about a pickle named Dillon.

Last but not least, please reach out to us on social media and rate us on Itunes and Sticher.  We want to create a community and conversations, so please reach out through messages or comment on our posts and lets have a great time!

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Season 2 sponsor, Braunlin Creative Arts.  You can find them at their website, through Facebook, or shop at Etsy.

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