Story Time


Season 1: Testing the Waters: Welcome to Who We Are

Ep. 8 Story Time

Story time! Listen to us tell funny and weird stories from our lives.

We start off by talking about why Steven’s dad likes to microwave and salt his potato chips before he eats them sometimes.  We also tell funny stories from band camp and the annual Freshman prank that occurs.  We have an annual Freshman rave prank where we hide there shoes for a while.  Josiah and Steven hosted the rave room for 2 years together and Steven hosted it his senior year himself.  We talk about the crazy preparation for such a silly prank.  What happens at band camp stays at band camp…or does it?

Steven also talks about how he made best friends with a new student in high school.  Steven shares a couple crazy stories from his friendship with Noah and how they won a banana one night.  Steven also has another story about with Noah about avoiding a lot of trouble with their cars.

Steven threw salt all over an elderly woman one time on accident.

Steven and his brother Ryan used to crawl in sleeping bags and throw each other down the stairs when they were kids.

Steven then shares a few stories from some of the best April Fool’s prank victories from his past.

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