Sports! We used to play them!


Season 1: Testing the Waters: Welcome to Who We Are

Ep. 5 Sports! We used to play them!

Let’s talk about sports, some of the good, and some of the bad times playing many different types of sports.

Steven and Josiah share some funny stories from the various sports whey have played.  Josiah played a lot of baseball.  Steven played a lot of tennis.  Steven and Josiah both enjoy marching band a great deal.  Steven talks about his new obsession with bowling and disc golf.  He talks about how he started getting into bowling and how hard he worked to become a good bowler.

Steven also talks about how he became a drum line instructor.  He didn’t plan on teaching drum line and didn’t particularly want to when he was asked to teach for the first time.

Steven also talks about his short track team experience his 8th grade year.

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